How do I play.png

EASY! The rule book is only 8 pages and has lots of pictures to help you get an understanding of the game. Start by choosing 1 of 5 cats! Each cat has their Cat Tree unlocks and two Action Skills. Each of these things is designed to help them achieve victory in their own unique fashion. Let's check each of them out!


Now that we have a grasp of what each cat does, let's teach you about Pawperties, how they work and why you need them. These are some examples of Pawperties!


Each Pawperty card has a lot of information on them, but it is very easy to understand. When a player rolls one or both of their 8-sided die, the number they roll may activate a Pawperty that has that same number within the Bell, towards the top of the card. Each color Pawperty can activate at different times and focuses on different things. Here is a basic run down!


These Pawperties help generate you Treats or slow your opponent's Treat generation down. Some cats work better with certain color Pawperties, but any cat can buy any color Pawperty. Just make sure you have a game plan in mind! Or don't, either way is fine! You use these Treats to activate your Action Skills, buy more Pawperties, or unlock your Cat Tree tiers.

When setting up the game, it should look like this! It will obviously look a bit different depending on how many players you have, but this is an example with 4 players!


Pawperty cards are within the center deck. After you roll your die and Activate any Pawperties in play or Action Skills, you reveal 3 Pawperties from the deck and place them in the center row. These Pawperties are available for the turn player to purrrchase. You have different choices to make during your turn so make sure to plan wisely! At the end of your turn, the Pawperties in the center row are sent to the discard pile and then it is the next players turn!

How do I win.png

  Each cat has 5 tiers to their Cat Tree. Your end goal is to unlock all 5 of them first, and then you win! Different cats can excel with different strategies so feel free to experiment and see what order of unlocking these tiers works best for you! You can buy them in any order, however, you need all 5 to win. Keep that in mind when purrrchasing!