Hello! My name is Setyna!

I am a digital artist from Brazil and I´m stuying 2D and 3D animation. I draw every single day and I really hope to be an amazing artist in the future.
My style is usually a mixture of anime and some semi-realism too, and I can design characters of a lot of species and races, paint backgrounds/landscapes and do some animated GIFs.
I have joined Foxx Tale Entertainment and Mako Games as a freelance artist in June 2021, and since then I´ve been able to work on such a nice team and help develop Glyph and some Pawperties arts too! Below are some links to my social medias and portfolios in case you wanna take a look, and i´m always open for commissions c:

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  • DeviantArt


I am always looking to expand my skill set so please feel free to reach out c: